A multidisciplinary investment company.

Trusted by over 330k+ investors. We trade in the crypto markets, stock markets, forex and commodity markets, Real estate and Art collections in NFTs.

Maxson Capital is an international investment company, officially registered and licensed in the United Kingdom. It was launched in July 2017. Over the years we have refined and streamlined our methods in the industries, we’ve currently ushered in a new frontier using proprietory engine (Matic Engine) harnessing the power of big data and artificial intelligence trading and investing has never been better, our clients' success rates have quadrupled. Maxson Capital has completed several strategic acquisitions in the past few years and is at the centre of consolidation in both the proprietary trading and trader education industries.

A zero risk trading strategy.

Maxson Capital allows to earn money on the difference of prices for the same position from different exchanges. With skillful application, Maxson Capital can bring good profit.

Maxson Capital has developed a Online Investment Platform that allows to invest in arbitrate on the cryptocurrency market, earning a profit on the difference in the prices on different exchanges for the same asset. The software we have created and the strategy we have developed allow us to maxson capital almost without the risk of losing money. We took into account all the problems that exist in the field of cryptocurrency maxson capital and developed a trading strategy and software that allows to make transactions only if the profit is guaranteed. We are constantly improving our software and adding new exchanges to have a stable and guaranteed income for a long time.

Why Choose Maxson Capital

No Transaction Costs

A decentralized platform available to
customers and companies with no
transaction payments and
operational expenses.

Multi Payment Options

Maxson Capital accepts multiple
payment options for deposits and
withdrawals. Available options are

Fast Payment

Funds are released as soon as
withdrawal application is made.
No downtime in processing

Privacy Protection

All transactions are secured by military
grade cryptography on our platform.
No one can hack your account or make a withdrawal on your behalf.

Works On Every Device

Just like a regular website, you don’t
need to have a special device. Just have
access from your smart phones,
tablets and pc.

Safe and Secure

Our platform is built with secured
modern web-based and blockchain
technology, making it from hackers
and DDOS attacks.

Supported Countries
Supported Cryptocurrency
Million ($) in Transactions

Our Team

Daniel William

CEO, Co-Founder

Richard Wagner

VP Engineering, Co-Founder

Julie Barnes

Financial Director

Tommy Atkins

Senior Crypto Fund Analyst

Victoria Heerden

Marketing Manager

Matt Shelby

Principal Engineer